Quest’s Capacity Building initiatives ensure that educators develop stronger pedagogical skills for better classroom engagement. Through blended-learning experiences, the initiative helps educators build 21st-century classroom management skills to improve student-level outcomes, and develop the skills and attitude necessary to design self-learning pathways within their own institutions.

MasterCoach for Teachers

Around 4,930 school teachers from 10 states received in-service training on 21st-century pedagogy, building STEM mindsets, socio-emotional learning, and dropout risk-mitigation for vulnerable learners. The MasterCoach program reached over 4,500 teachers across 8 states, offering a blended capacity-building course in 5 languages, enabling teachers to become effective 21st-century educators. Teacher recognition events across states celebrated the innovative practices of these dedicated educators.

To empower teachers and acknowledge their contributions to the public education system, we implemented teacher recognition events and awards. 783 teachers under MasterCoach were felicitated in 5 states. Fostering a culture of sharing and appreciating good practices, this also aimed to motivate teachers, instil ownership, and encourage the adoption of such activities in their respective schools.


Strengthening Blended Learning Approaches Through Educators

Our research study on Blended Learning revealed that teachers highly value a blended learning approach, leveraging new media and tools to enhance their teaching. In this they embrace diverse roles as caregivers, content curators, and facilitators in online settings, deepening their understanding and adapting teaching styles.

In 2022, we piloted the Change Leaders program in Samastipur district, Bihar, engaging 105 school principals. This initiative empowered school heads as Change Leaders, equipping them with 21st-century skills and leadership skills. Through self-paced learning via a web-based platform, they acquire tools and techniques to strengthen school improvement plans, driving positive changes for inclusive and joyful learning environments.

Events like Hack to the Future also provided a unique problem-solving experience for 15 educators, guided by domain experts. Teachers embraced roles as researchers, innovators, and creators, fostering continuous learning and empowering them to be change agents in their classrooms. Join us in transforming education.




Trainers Deliver the new Employability Skills Curriculum

In collaboration with TATA Strive, the Central Staff Training and Research Institute (CSTARI), the National Instructional Media Institute (NIMI), and the Directorate General of Training (DGT), we are part of a pioneering capacity building initiative across 28 states and 8 union territories. Together, we have trained 3,250 Employability Skills trainers, setting a new standard for skill development through blended learning approaches.

Over the past year, we focused on strengthening our impact. 289 master trainers in Uttarakhand, Bihar, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Madhya Pradesh, were intensively trained. These master trainers play a key role in supporting ITI trainers to effectively deliver the curriculum in classrooms, ensuring its impact reaches the students.


Empowering Leadership to Catalyze Change

The Principal Leadership Program built capacities of 110 principals from Assam, Delhi, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This program recognizes the pivotal role principals play in catalyzing systemic change, and empowers them to lead change within their institutions through innovative projects.

Our Emerging Leaders Program focuses on the professional development of organizational leaders It equips them with future-ready leadership skills and builds a network of dynamic leaders. The fourth edition of the program, a virtual cohort, brought together 21 senior leaders from 12 organizations, empowering mid-senior level managers to drive lasting change within their organizations.


"Through this training, I understood that the upgraded Employability Skills curriculum required me to improve my teaching style. The pedagogical techniques like flipped classroom taught during the training are extremely beneficial for any educator. The digital lessons on QuestApp would also help engage with students effectively."

-- Latha B
Employability Skills Trainer, Govt. ITI, Hasan