Learning Innovations

The Quest Experience Lab (QEL) and program EdTech teams drive our EdTech strategy and innovation. It focuses on creating personalized learning journeys, fostering self-learning, and establishing clear career pathways. 

Personalizing Digital Learning Experiences for Young Learners


This pilot -- conducted across five different states -- aimed to provide young learners with intuitive, self-directed, and goal-oriented learning opportunities. To achieve this, we reimagined the learning journey to emphasize self-learning and critical aspects of career exploration and decision-making. We redesigned the Quest App content architecture to facilitate self-paced and choice-based learning.

Learners were also introduced to a dedicated website focused on the world of work, where they could conduct research and analysis to explore suitable sectors and career pathways. Research findings from this will serve as the foundation for our approach to personalization and inform our future product roadmap strategy. 

Revamping Our Flagship Learning App: Quest App Phoenix

In August 2022, we proudly introduced Quest App Phoenix. Quest App now plays a pivotal role across the entire school-to-work continuum, empowering both educators and learners to access learning resources at their convenience, anytime, and anywhere.

In this version, we prioritized user experience, ensuring a more user-friendly, faster, and highly scalable platform. The app's modular design and seamless interoperability with other applications enhance its versatility and usability.

We integrated new features into the app, allowing learners to raise challenges they encounter, facilitating swift resolutions. Additionally, to cater to different user needs, we introduced a User Management System, providing smooth and easy role-based access for a seamless learning journey.

Using a WhatsApp Chatbot to Teach Coding

Ikki is a WhatsApp API Chatbot crafted by us to address challenges of a limited digital infrastructure, students' coding knowledge, and their apprehension with technology.
Designed for students in classes 7 to 10, this innovative chatbot offers an experiential learning environment. Through interactive lessons and engaging activities, Ikki simplifies complex coding concepts, fostering a deeper understanding with hands-on experience.

The one hour and fifteen minutes course not only provides coding fundamentals but also sparks a sense of play and exploration, making the learning journey enjoyable. By adopting this experiential approach, Ikki empowers students to embrace the possibilities of technology and ignites their curiosity about diverse career opportunities within the field of computer science.

Providing School Students A Gamified Experience of Career Decision-Making

Career Quest is designed to help learners understand the nuances of navigating their career pathways. This choice-based game offers learners the autonomy to explore diverse career options. Upon logging in, learners step into the shoes of various characters, making informed choices by encountering real-life scenarios that impact their character's career journey.

Leveraging audio-visual media, the game presents dilemmas and influences that shape career decisions. The primary objective is to provide learners with an immersive experience, enabling them to identify and practice essential skills for exploring and navigating their unique career journey.


"My dressing sense and behaviour towards others has improved. I learnt from quest app about body language and how to express."

-- Student at Ambala Women’s ITI, Haryana