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The Youth program fosters collaboration within India's skilling ecosystem to empower and transform learners, educators, and institute leaders through collective action and facilitation. It aims to create empowering skilling experiences that help young people enter and navigate the world of work.

Launch Of A Blended-learning Based Employability Skills Curriculum

The Future Right Skills Network, in collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) and Quest Alliance,  launched a new Employability Skills (ES) curriculum. This curriculum, incorporates blended learning methods like the flipped classroom and app-based self-learning, in 120-hour student workbooks in Hindi and English and 158 digital lessons on the Bharat Skills portal and Quest App.

Impacting over 2.5 million learners across 15,600+ government and private Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs), this curriculum promises to revolutionize skill development. Variants of the curriculum, spanning 30, 60, and 90 hours, cater to both long-term and short-term courses, ensuring comprehensive engagement with MSDE initiatives.

To support trainers in delivering the ES curriculum effectively, a facilitator guide and digital trainer course have been launched, embracing a blended learning approach for classrooms nationwide.


Piloting a Green Curriculum in the TVET Ecosystem

In response to evolving employment trends, particularly in renewable energy, we launched a pilot project to develop three green ITIs. Engaging over 700 learners across three states, our initiative aims to instill a green mindset and highlight opportunities in renewable energy sectors.

We developed a green curriculum to educate learners on climate change and their role in addressing it. We support institutes in implementing eco-friendly initiatives such as hydroponic-based farming and kitchen gardens through student-led green clubs, fostering sustainable practices.

Recognizing the urgent need for sustainability across sectors, we're conducting research on green careers to understand demand and supply trends in India's transition. This research will inform how we can better prepare young learners for the future within the skilling ecosystem.


The Green Innovation Project at Govt. Industrial Training Institute in Halol, Gujarat is our first Green ITI in the state. We have similar Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) at Srikona, Assam, and Mangalore, Karnataka.

The First Edition of the Future Skills Forum

An exceptional testament to our dedication under the Future Right Skills Network is the annual Future Skills Forum. This is a platform that drives vital conversations around TVET and emerging trends in the future of work and learning. At this forum, we launched an employability skills curriculum at the hands of the Union Minister of Education and Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan.

This comprehensive curriculum, with 12 modules covering essential skills like life skills, digital literacy, and career development, will benefit over 2.5 million students across India. To ensure effective curriculum adoption of the blended-learning based curriculum, we are collaborating with the MSDE to conduct training of trainers across India. [Read More]


Ecosystem Building with Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) 

In our commitment to strengthen Civil Society Organizations, regional dialogues were conducted in Northeast, Gujarat and Bihar to collectively address challenges in making skills training a sustainable and systems-led initiative. Over 40 new knowledge partnerships were forged this year. We shared a host of knowledge products and solutions created over the years, enriching blended-learning based classrooms for young people.

An impact study of our decade-long work in Vocational Training Institutes assessed outcomes and documented learning and successes. Findings from this study were presented at the National CSO Partner Meet held earlier this year.


"In this era of technology where the nature of the workplace is changing and where new disruptive technologies are no longer limited to a small elite, skill development will be the key to unlocking the true potential of our demography. The Future Skills Forum is the right platform to support young people in building skills for a changing world."

-- Dharmendra Pradhan
Minister of Education, Skill Development & Entrepreneurship, Govt. of India